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Often service-worn military uniforms and fatigues are retired to a closet after their active use. With no reason to be used again, these testaments to hard work and service are often left to gather dust or worse, discarded to a landfill. We believe these uniforms, and their veteran’s service, deserve more. Wearable Gratitude™ proudly accepts donated uniforms from veterans and ReCyles them into durable and memorable products that honor the legacy of our veteran community. Many Wearable Gratitude™ products share the personal story of the veteran who donated the uniform used in it’s creation.

Check out some of the veterans featured on our Hero Wall

Featured Veteran

SGT Trevor Hartz

A true champion in and out of uniform. After serving in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years, Sergeant Trevor Hartz took his leadership to a new level. Graduating from MTSU in 2010, he utilized his training in both the Marine Corps and MTSU to become a social entrepreneur in his beloved state of Tennessee. More relevant than ever, Sergeant Hartz founded a revolutionary business called Handwash HQ – a company deeply dedicated to giving back to licensed veteran charities.

His bands include “Be Strong” Tan; “Just Breathe” Tan; and “US Marines” Tan Name Tape ValorBands.

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Donate a Uniform, Share a Legacy

Join the Mission

Our Veterans’ uniforms are a physical reminder that their service and our freedom is a product of sacrifice, selflessness, and often separation from loved ones. The wear and marks on these uniforms are a testament to the tangible efforts they put forth, and each thread tells a story of the man or woman who put their country first. 

These uniforms deserve so much more than to hang forgotten in the back of a closet or worse, retired to a landfill. Wearable Gratitude proudly receives donated uniforms and turns them into a wearable legacy- a testament and reminder that freedom isn’t free. Wearable Gratitude textiles come from all branches of the Military, and we are proud to share the story of each Veteran with the products made from their uniforms. Their stories deserve to be told.

Help us keep the legacy going. Join the mission and donate a uniform to be ReDeployed today.

ReDeployed in the USA

Made to withstand harsh conditions, rugged use, and a vast array of temperatures, military uniform fabrics are ideal to be utilized over and over. Perfect for everyday use, the retired clothing worn by our veteran community has so much left to give and like our veterans themselves, their story is still being written. Each Wearable Gratitude™ product is unique- made from authentic, service-worn uniforms, products may show signs of wear or age that tell the story of the hero whose uniform made your item possible. Wearable Gratitude™ fashions are proudly handcrafted in Tennessee by military family members who honor all branches of our military. We are proud to ensure that the legacy of these honored uniforms continues in a new way by being ReDeployed as Wearable Gratitude™ products.

ReDeployed in the USA

Today less than 3% of all apparel worn in the US is made in America. Wearable Gratitude™ Products are proudly handcrafted  and refashioned in tenessee by the mother of a united states Marine & other military family members