Don't just say, "Thank you for your service," show it by owning a piece of the uniform donor's service and history. 


Your ValorBAND comes individually packaged and contains the story card of the uniform's donor. ValorBANDS makes an excellent gift for that hard-to-by-for person in your life. 


  • Base: Leather 1.25" wide (tan), 1" wide (black)
  • Leather Colors: Black
  • Material: 💯 Authentic USA military fatigues
  • Closure: Metal snap closure 
  • Adjustment: Two adjustment points 
  • Story: Your ValorBAND™ comes with the story of the uniforms donor
  • Give Back: Your purchase helps support the mission and programs of Memories of Honor together; we can make sure no loss of military life goes forgotten. 

1 in. ValorBANDs - Leather - US Military Combat Uniforms

SKU: 0004
    • 9" Leather band will fit 7.5" - 8" wrist. 
    • 1.25" Wide Leather base (tan)
    • 1" Wide Leather base (black)
    • Authentic military uniform 
    • Etched metal adornment
    • Leather will soften and darken with wear 
  • This limited edition item is handcrafted and made from authentic recycled military fatigues. Colors and camofluage patterns may be different than shown. Due to the textiles used to make our products the fabric may show signs of wear and imperfections. These imperfects have a story to tell and are what makes our product unique and beautifully flawed.

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