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One-of-a-kind 1968 Vietnam, Korean War Era Air Force Shirt (Jacket). 


  • 100% authentic duty-worn with name and branch tape and Staff Seargent rank insignia. 
  • This shirt was proudly worn in service by Staff Sergeant Hagedorn joined the US Air Force in 1966. 
  • Button-down closure
  • Sequen "Girl" patch on the front. 
  • Emboradered blue jean patch on back. 
  • Sateen, OG 107 - DSN date stamped 1968
  • The OG-107 was the basic work utility uniform (fatigues) of all branches of the United States Armed Forces from 1952 until its discontinuation in 1989. 




Tag states: 15.5 X 33

Arm length: 22" 

Shirt length: 28"





SSgt Mark Hagedorn | United States Air Force

Staff Sergeant Hagedorn joined the US Air Force in 1966 as Weapons Load Crew for four years. SSgt Hagedorn has served all over the world. Mark served in Lackland, Lowry, McConnell, and George AFB. Korat and Takhli RTAFB, Dover and Oscan AFB. He did these all in the four years he served.


Our one-of-a-kind military jackets and refashioned clothing are all handcrafted by USMC mom in Nashville, TN.


Who's service and story will you wear? 

Vintage 1960 Refashioned Air Force Shirt (Jacket)

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  • You are buying and wearing a piece of military history when you purchase from us! 

    Our jackets are all handcrafted from 100% authentic duty-worn military uniforms, many of them vintage. No one in the world will have an exact jacket or shirt like yours. Some pieces may have flaws and imperfections due to being worn in service to our Country. These flaws and imperfections make each jacket unique and perfect in its own way. Each imperfection has a history and story. To honor the integrity of the service and the service member who wore it, we keep the service flaws within the jacket (or other products). 

    However, we do make intentional changes and alterations. These changes and alterations may include but not limited to shortening the length, leaving raw edges, removing sleeves, adding other materials, patches, fabric paint, back patches, fringe, studs, safety pins, rivets, etc., 

    Items that include sharp objects, please wear with caution. Please note that sharp objects like safety pins and studs might snag on things like car seats or snagging other articles of clothing. Wearable Gratitude™  our directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, interns, suppliers, service providers, or licensors will not be held responsible for any and all misuse or accidents that may occur involving our product(s).

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