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Wearable Gratitude™ is a patriotic sustainable fashion brand started by Founder & Designer Amy Cotta. Amy is the daughter of a deceased Army Veteran and the proud mother of an active-duty United States Marine.

We recycle, refashion, and redeploy authentic duty-worn military uniforms and transform them into fashion and accessories for women and men. We are breathing new life into these uniforms and surplus while sharing and legacy of the men and women who proudly served in them. Each piece has its own story to tell. Military family members lovingly handcraft our products, and most come with the story of the uniform's donor. Because of the textiles used, our camouflage fatigue ValorBANDS are limited edition. Because once that service member's uniform is gone. That's it. It's gone forever. Every piece varies in color and pattern. Every flaw tells a story of duty to our country. With every purchase, you are helping to save our planet while preserving the service and sacrifices made by our military service members and their families. 

By the numbers

  • Less than 1% of the global textiles produced for clothing are recycled. 

  • Textile mills generate one-fifth of the world's industrial water pollution and use 20,000 chemicals, many carcinogenic, to make clothes.

  • 87% of the material used for clothing production is landfilled or incinerated.

  • On average, 150,000 service members separate from the Armed Forces annually. 

  • In the Navy alone, 336,978 active-duty sailors and 101,583 in the Ready Reserve recently changed their daily wear "Blueberry" uniforms to a green and black digital camo, called Type III. With each sailor owning multiple uniforms, that equates to millions of unused uniforms that will eventually find their way into our landfills.


  • Create a sustainable patriotic brand that honors the service and sacrifice of our US military service members and gives back to our community and impacts our environment in a meaningful way. 

  • Innovate new and creative ways to upcycle and redeploy other authentic military surpluses. 

  • Hire a workforce made up of transitioning military veterans and military family members. 

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