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10 Creative Ways to Support Our Troops, Veterans, and Military Families

  1. Send them a ValorBAND with the branch in which they or their loved ones serve.

  2. Donate Memories of Honor in their name to help show love and support to families who lost their loved ones in the line of duty.

  3. DIY wishing stones with your favorite inspirational word, phrase, or image. You could paint the stones red, white, and blue, or leave them their natural color. You could paint on the words, or use your Cricut Maker to make decals.

  4. Send them a ValorCOLLAR for their dog.

  5. Make a short video from your phone using either an Instagram reel or Facebook creator and share it online. Tag those you love, and use relevant hashtags to reach those you don't know but want to share the love.

  6. Send a care package to someone deployed. Visit Soldiers' Angels for more information.

  7. Make a bouquet of paper roses from printed love notes that you write yourself or use pages from your favorite book. Click here for a tutorial.

  8. Fly a flag on your porch. Take a selfie, send the veteran/service member the photos to let them know you love them and think about them.

  9. For the wife of a deployed service member, give them a gift card for a massage or, better yet, a cleaning or handyman service to help out around the house.

  10. Honor and remember their service and sacrifice 365 days per year.

    1. By reaching out in person or over the phone.

    2. Doing something special for them, their family, or the military community.

    3. Support, shop veteran & military family-owned small businesses.

    4. Supporting veteran and military family nonprofits.



My name is Amy Cotta. I am a mother of six and the mother of a United States Marine. I'm the Founder of the national Gold Star nonprofit, Memories of Honor as well as Wearable Gratitude™. I'm on a mission to honor the sacrifices made by our service members and their families.

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